WatAdventure in Australia is the first book in a unique comedy adventure series, brought to you by WatAdventure.

Sirius and Jiblets take a trip down under, but things don't quite go to Sirius's plan... thanks to Jiblets!

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VIPERS on WatAdventure in Australia.
3 comprehension lessons on Kangaroos, Platypus and Koalas.
5 lessons on writing.

Hop aboard the Watabus and get ready for a manic trip across Australia!
Sirius has a plan for a gentlemanly tour of Down Under. Jiblets has other ideas...
A fantastic bedtime story packed with fun and adventure. Learn about Australia: it's stunning cities, breathtaking landscapes and wonderful collection of animals.
"A Koala bear lazed high on a branch,
"You guys friends of a monkey, by chance?"
But Sirius, snobbishly turned up his nose,
"Friend's a strong word, don't you suppose?"

Meet Our Adventurers!


An explorer. A gentleman Hound.

Likes: reading, exploring, tinkering with his Watabus, writing about his adventures.

Dislikes: raisins, loud noises, luminous spandex.


Monkey does what monkey wants.

Likes: raisins.

Dislikes: nothing.

Join the Adventure...

We've made one lucky PopJammer the child star of our story... and we can't wait to reveal who it is!

But as well as the lucky winner, we will be including hundreds of pieces of PopJammers artwork in our book.

This includes the short-listed 1000 entries for out Design the Flag Competition.

And ten unique Boomerangs hiding inside the pages, designed by our 10 winners from Sirius and Jiblet's Boomerang Competition!

A little about WatAdventure

We are a disruptive publishing company based in Manchester, UK. We specialise in holistic, interactive stories for children based on comedy and adventure through our own story brand.

We believe in putting children at the heart of our stories, and for our first book WatAdventure in Australia, we are making the part of the child in the story the prize of an amazing competition.

Front cover for WatAdventure in Australia

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