Earth Day 2019

Apr 22, 2019 by Katie

Happy Earth Day!

Here at WatAdventure we think it's crucial to teach kids how to be kind and respectful to our planet as well as showing them how they can help to protect it.

To celebrate Earth Day 2019 we asked our followers to put their creative skills to the test and research Earth Day and write a short article or story about it to be featured here and be read by other kids!

We're really impressed by how the entry we've chosen is informative about Earth Day and also takes Sirius, Jiblets and Lola on a new adventure! Congratulations to the superstar WatAdventurer who wrote this story for us!

WatAdventure on Earth Day...

It was Earth Day for Lola, Jiblets and Sirius and they didn’t know what it was. They researched it and they found out everything they knew.

“It’s about time we care for the world,” said Lola as concerns as she has ever been. Jiblets and Sirius agreed with Lola. They all thought they could go on an adventure in the watabus to find out more about earth day and why it is so important to so many people around the world. “Let’s go let's go go go go!” Screamed Jiblets as excited as he was when he went to Australia. They all stepped into the watabus realising the light was brighter than the sun. To save the world, they turned off the light. “A gentle pup shouldn’t be sat in the dark,” said Sirius in a gentle man voice. “It’s saving the world!” Shouted Lola and Jiblets. Sirius then understood that.

The watabus took them to a scientist who knew everything about Earth and earth day. They welcomed them and wished them a very happy earth day. “Why do we turn the light off to save the world? It’s not very gentlemanly” asked Sirius. “It’s very gentlemanly and every gentle man will do it and it saves electricity in the world it makes a big change keep doing it you could make a change,” said the Scientist.

“Why do we turn off the taps when we are not using them when I like being silly and leaving it on,” said silly Jiblets. “It saves water in the world so I would say stop being silly,” Jiblets was so disappointed but he wanted to change the world. “Why do we get paper straws now?” said Lola in a curious way. “Well plastic ones never melt so they end up in water it could harm animals paper dissolves in water.”

It was really interesting for them to learn all this stuff. They found out all about global warming and it will happen soon if we don’t act fast. It was time to go and take the facts they found with them. It was back home to use all the information forever.

You could also make a change this earth day and stop global warming.

Rainforest earth day

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