Giving the chance...

Jun 7, 2018 by Richard Lawman

It was early 2018. The first few drafts of what would become WatAdventure in Australia were scribbled in the notepad. The name of the child wasn't set. Having two daughters, I couldn't decide who should be the child in the story who goes through the magic den with her teddies, and then onto the Watabus for a trip to OZ.

We had already decided to make a children's picturebook in the classic way, having dipped our toe in the personalised book market, but we were soon abandoning our original thoughts to do something much more experimental.

We decided that the child who went on the adventure should be one of our fans. It should be a prize. A prize for doing something.

After a little back and forth of how this might work, we knew the best place to run a competition would be where we had already seen success - PopJam.

It didn't take long to convince them.

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