Why Reading Is So Important For Children

Nov 5, 2016

It's no secret that reading is beneficial for children and, as a business specialising in personalised children's books, we think it's important to encourage every child to read. In fact, there is evidence to prove that children who read everyday perform better in reading tests and have impressive vocabulary, increased general knowledge, and a better understanding of other cultures. As a parent, it's important that you better understand why reading is so important for children, so continue reading to find out more.

It's always best to start early, so encouraging your child to read from a very early age is a great way to set an example that they'll follow for the rest of their lives. When your little one is very young, start by reading aloud to them whenever you get the chance; this way, books will stick with them through their childhood and they will be encouraged to read as they grow older due to their existing interest in books. In addition, personalised children's books are a great way to capture any child's attention; if they have a book that's completely unique to them, they're going to be more engaged and, as a result, increasingly interested in reading.

The brain

Reading is a fantastic way to boost logical thinking; in comparison to watching TV, reading is a much more complex task that requires more thought, making it a great way for your little one to gain valuable skills, such as improved vocabulary and language. By reading, your child will discover words they've never heard of before and will be able to apply them to certain situations, even if they don't fully understand what they mean.

A special bond

Reading to your child isn't only a great way to increase their IQ, it?s also perfect for creating a special bond and stronger relationship. The fact that you're taking time out of your schedule to sit down and read with your little one will provide them with a sense of intimacy and feeling of being loved that won't go unnoticed, we promise.

Great fun

Reading a book is fun and enjoyable, especially when the story is gripping. For children, reading a book acts as a sense of relief, allowing them to escape into a world full of adventure. Plus, if your little one is exposed to adventure, they're bound to have an increased level of creativity as well as a vivid imagination.


It?s perfectly normal for your little one to be fidgety and always on the go, however with a book, your child is more likely to relax and have an increased level of concentration. If you find yourself struggling to get your child to unwind and fall asleep at night time, try introducing a book they'll drifting off to the land of nod in no time.

The more, the better

Just like all other skills, the more your child reads, the better they'll become at it and the more they'll know. Reading for an hour everyday will increase your child's reading skills and enable them to learn more about the world in general.


When reading, your child will develop a sense of empathy and as a result, will be able to identify with the character that they?re reading about. This will improve how your little one handles certain situations by enabling them to better understand another person's point of view.

All in all, encouraging your child to read definitely has its benefits by improving your little one's intelligence, understanding, and skills. Does your child enjoy reading? If so, get in touch with us on Facebook to tell us how they have benefitted from reading.

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