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Free Teacher Resource Pack - WatAdventure in Australia

As created by The Literacy Shed

WatAdventure have teamed up with The Literacy Shed to provide this teacher pack which can be used alongside the ‘WatAdventure in Australia’ picture book.

We recommend before delivering any of these lessons that you read the book with your class for fun and let them experience the language and the images whilst getting to know the stars of our story. Lola, Jiblets and Sirius.

This pack is aimed at children aged around 6-8 and contains a mixture of reading and writing activities. Each lesson is differentiated three ways and contains all of the resources you will need to effectively deliver the sessions. Lessons 1 and 2 are linked but all the other lessons are standalone so you can choose to deliver some or all of them and in any order to tie in with your writing goals.



There are three non-fiction comprehensions about indigenous animals of Australia. Each comes with a standard text aimed at ages 6-8 and a challenge text which aims at reading ages between 8 and 10 years. The questions can be answered after reading either text. There is also a page-by-page discussion guide and comprehension which covers 6 key comprehension areas which are easily remembered using the acronym VIPERS.

You can read more about VIPERS on www.literacyshed.com

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