Terms and Conditions

WatAdventurer Wardrobe Competition

Terms and Conditions

Congratulations on being shortlisted for the WatAdventurer Wardrobe Competition!

Please read the Terms below and then comment on our PopJam post to say you're happy to continue in the competition!

  1. WatAdventure is offering to take 10 designs from the “WatAdventure Wardrobe” competition posts and artistically interpret them into digital artwork to be used on the WatAdventure Avatar Creator. This means each winning design will be accurately re-drawn to maximise its quality and allow it to sit within the illustrative style of WatAdventure. WatAdventure will do everything reasonable to ensure PopJam user’s designs are interpreted accurately.

  2. WatAdventure will not provide any royalty or licence to any winning PopJam user.

  3. A shortlist in each of the five categories of the wardrobe competition will be entered into an online poll on kids.watadventure.com. This poll will be open to the public to vote on whichever designs they would like to see become part of the official WatAdventure Avatar Creator wardrobe.

  4. WatAdventure will not display the username of any PopJam user in relation to their artwork on any platform except the PopJam app.

  5. Each winning user will receive an individual shoutout on the WatAdventure PopJam channel and their winning design will be displayed.

  6. Each entrant must ensure their submitted artwork is their own original work, and WatAdventure will not be held liable for any breach of copyright brought about its use.

  7. WatAdventure can use images from any designs across any media as part of it’s PR and marketing campaign in promoting the WatAdventure brand.

  8. WatAdventure reserves the right to not include any design.

  9. WatAdventure reserves the right to remove any item from the Avatar Creator wardrobe at any time.

  10. By entering the competition, the user is assigning copyright of the artwork to WatAdventure for use across all media and all types of publications and licences.

Thanks, and good luck in the next round!

Contact us: info@watadventure.com

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